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Expensive Custom Made Hair For Weaves, Hair Extensions and Braids

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  • Exclusive Custom Blended Hair
  • Braiding & Weaving Hair
  • Newest Natural Hair products

We provide the world's best and finest 100% human hair and products

In addition to providing innovative, custom blended hair, we provide each client with a free bottle of the revolutionary removal cream TAKE DOWN to remove their hair extensions, braids, weaves, locks and bonding glue.

We can combine hair textures and colors. For example we can blend Bone Straight with Deep French Curly or Spanish Wavy to provide body and wave in any form. Just specify the percentage of each type of hair and lets create hair that suits your style.

You don't have to be a star to look like one. Try Expensive-Hair today.


Pricing depends on shipping costs, quantity and custom blends ordered. We do provide each hair texture and color in a basic form. In doing so, we guarantee the best hair and products for all of our clients.

Your hair and style is very important to us, that is why we provide you with a FREE bottle of removal cream with every purchase,so you don't damage your natural hair during the removal process.

More Company Information

We have five basic types of hair we blend and sell. Deep French Curly, Spanish Wavy, Bone Straight, European Wave/Body Wave and Kinky Afro.

All of our hair blends can be styled in many ways to fit the clients mood. We are known for our international blends to fit all types of hair textures.

We want you to look expensive and feel confident about the uniqueness of your custom blended hair.

You too can look just like the stars and models with lovely thick and long custom blended hair.

Ordering Information

To order products, call 404-447-9095/770-424-8189.
We accept Visa, Mastercard,Discover,American Express,and Debit cards
Fax 404-629-9367 Or for more information , send an e-mail request to